Transport Floating Dry Dock no3

Project Description

Dutch Marine was asked to prepare and execute a towage plan for the transportation of the floating Dry Dock from Flushing (NL) to Rotterdam (NL).  

Clients questions and challenges

The over sea transportation of the dry dock no is not part of the core business of the client so Dutch Marine got involved. There was a need for a feasibility study and inspections of the floating dry dock to guarantee the safe towage oversea and to know which requirements have to be met.


  • Thorough inspection of the Dry-dock
  • Preparing list of recommendations based on our analyses
  • Creating transportation plan and schedule
  • Executing the steel works
  • Sea fastening of equipment (for example the dock cranes)
  • Selecting suitable Tug’s for the transportation
  • Preparing necessary licenses.
  • Finalizing and executing the transportation of the dock


  • One Marine Warranty Surveyor
  • Two towage tugs
  • Assistance tugs for departure and arrival
  • Steel work and sea fastening were execution by clients own team, as this fits in their usual scope of work
  • On site assistance staff during departure and arrival
  • Emergency towage arrangements for casualties were included in the preparations
  • Professional weather forecast

Duration of the project

Start to finish : +- 2 months, including waiting for the right weather window and making all the preparations for transport.


Pictures by Wim Kosters