Tay Road Bridge Protection

Project Description

Tay Road Bridge protection project

Clients challenges and questions

To lift 300 ton precast concrete bridge protection sections onto multiple steel pillars in an strong tidal river without interfering with shipping.


Lifting the precast concrete bridge protections sections from quay using a special designed lifting frame using three hooks of a special modified sheerlegs to allow exact position in 3 axes over the preinstalled multiple steel pillars. The sheerlegs A frame was specially modified to execute the job by adding one additional hoist into the main A frame. After the modification, the new configuration was tested using a special test barge. The third hook was self-compensating to balance the shift of weight when the outer hooks were adjusted .


GPS Marine Sheerlegs

Modification of the sheerlegs, in house Class approved designing, local manufacturing, Class approved test lift, Naval Architect for designing the lift frame.