Towage of Dry-Dock from Göteborg (SE) to Flushing (NL)

Project Description

Towage of floating Dry-Dock No 4 from Goteborg, Sweden to Flushing (Vlissingen), The Netherlands.

Clients challenges and questions

Reactivate and prepare a 270 x 45 m floating dry-dock from a closed shipyard for sea towage.


  • Thorough inspection of Dry -Dock
  • Prepare workplan and budget
  • Containment dangerous materials
  • Engineering strength of dry dock
  • Reinforce connection between old and new section
  • Bring dock in operation after repairing stolen cables etc.
  • Reactivate both 200 T cranes incl. load tests
  • Nondestructive removal of equipment
  • Sea-fastening of all equipment in and external
  • Sea-fastening of two cranes incl. engineering
  • Construction of towing connections
  • Installing fairleads and bollards for assisting tugs and mooring
  • Installation of 750 KVA powerpack and temporarily accommodation
  • Motion analyses for safe towage
  • Liaising with
    • Marine Warranty Surveyors & Naval Architects
    • Port Authorities & Pilots
    • Environmental agency
    • Meteo agency`s
  • Selecting Tugs and negotiate Bimco Contract
  • Providing Towing plan including contingency plan
  • Guards for hibernating during period awaiting weather window


A total of 55 companies and government bodies where involved in the whole project.

Port Authorities, Trustee, Environmental institues, Pilots, Tug Companies, Boatmen, 18 person repair team, Owners shipyards, Suppliers, Agents, Brokers, Rental Companies, House holding, Waste disposal, Guards.