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Dutch Marine experts rely on innovative technology as well as state-of-the-art equipment for ensuring that all the ship management projects are executed in a safe manner. Focusing on sustainability is the core principle of our ship management company. We do not believe in the complexity of the projects. We believe in delivering tangible solutions no matter how difficult operation can get. We are backed with access to a vast fleet and an experienced team across every domain we offer solutions in.

Our flexibility in offshore project management has helped us develop lasting collaboration with our partners and clients.  We act quickly owing to the vast network that we have built over the years. We are valued for our offshore services and operational knowledge.

We have worked on a diverse range of technical offshore projects including:

  • Transport of floating Dry Dock from Göteborg (SE) to Vlissingen (NL)
  • Transport of Dry Dock no 3 (NL)
  • Transport of Naval Vessel from Kenya to the Netherlands
  • Salvage of 3.5KM pipeline on the coast of Norfolk (UK)
  • Wreck removal of the Baltic Ace (NL)
  • Wreck removal MV Sirena (Caribbean)
  • Salvage of the historical vessel the ijsselkogge (NL)
  • Wreck removal of sunken barge in river Thames (UK)
  • Sunken RoRo pontoon bridge to dock (UK)
  • MV Modern Express (SP)

For more information about our previous projects, see our project portfolio.

Get in touch with us today if you want assistance with technical project management! Our experts will get to the task immediately to offer viable solutions.

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